The vital importance of nutrition for enhanced Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS)


Achieving the optimum physiological conditions that promote fast recovery and maximum muscle gain requires combining muscle protein synthesis activation through sport with MPS activation from appropriate nutrition.

Individually, the act of consuming amino acids or performing intense physical exercise both lead to an increase in MPS.  But numerous studies have shown that the combination of both strategies results in significant increases in MPS.

This understanding of MPS allows strategies which boost MPS to be developed and the period immediately after exercise is when they have the most impact on aiding rapid recovery and making strength gains.

At this time, the increased turnover of protein following exercise leads directly towards the need for an inward transport of amino acids.  By ensuring an adequate supply of amino acids to fuel this growth potential, added to the ability of amino acid to stimulate MPS, it is possible to create the optimum conditions for MPS.  Studies show the rate of MPS can be increased by up to 150% above normal levels when exercise and nutrition are combined, while the rate of MPB remains normal.  This strong shift in the MPS/MPB balance is instrumental in achieving hypertrophy.


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