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This website introduces Cellper®Elite – a scientifically-derived free amino acid complex dedicated to muscle recovery in the first 60 minutes after anaerobic exercise or competition.  This is the period when the opportunity to initiate the repair of damaged muscles and muscle glycogen is at its highest.  Conventional proteins cannot be digested in time to meet this vital window.


Read on to learn about intake timing, the digestive barrier, bioavailability and protein quality.



Scientific Literature Review

Scientific Literature Review

– the key to meeting the immediate biological demands of the muscle after intense anaerobic exercise

Intake Timing and the
Closing Anabolic Window


Without nutrient intervention, the anabolic window beings to close within 45 minutes following serious anaerobic exercise.  But remember, it is not just about when you take your recovery nutrition – it’s about when it reaches the bloodstream.

Conventional protein, such as whey, can take up to one hour to digest.  For optimised recovery you need to take your recovery nutrition immediately – but it must be highly bioavailable.


Informed Sport CellperElite

- The Barrier to Recovery

The 60 minute period immediately after strenuous anaerobic exercise is the most important time for protein to reach the muscles. There is a common misconception that simply taking protein within this period is sufficient – but this is not the case.

The barrier is the human digestive system. Digestion time for commonly-used protein supplements, such as whey takes time and it can be up to 60 minutes or more before protein begins to reach the muscles.

Too late – with every passing minute, the refuelling ‘window of opportunity’ is closing. The first 60 minutes are crucial and, for maximum effectiveness, protein must reach the muscles early in this period. After this, muscle recovery and rebuilding is less efficient, hence soreness and stiffness.


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Informed Sport CellperElite

Muscle Recovery

The human body is a complex structure that contains over 650 different muscles – maybe as many as 840. Muscles control movement and enable us to move in the way we want. Many people – for cosmetic, health or athletic reasons seek to improve the condition of their muscles so they can perform better.

Hypertrophy is the process by which muscles grow and become stronger. Hypertrophy happens as a direct consequence of anaerobic exercise and is what happens when microscopic tears take place in muscle fibres, stimulating the body to send nutrients to the muscle fibres so that they can rebuild and grow stronger. As this process is repeated, the muscles grow even stronger.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your muscular conditioning, and whatever your training approach, you must incorporate muscle recovery in the form of rest and nutrition and avoid the negative effects of overtraining.


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The First 30 Minutes


Muscle recovery is an essential part of the recuperation process. You have to allow your muscles to recover from the extreme effects of training and competition. This requires effective nutrition at the time of maximum stress and the timing of this nutrition is a vital factor.

This has led to the definition of the ’30 minute window’ – the period within which getting protein to your muscles is your major priority.

“In a nutshell, muscle recovery is the period when your muscles recover from the strain they are put under when you workout or engage in athletic competition…” (Kravitz & Kwon)

This is a neglected area in training programmes – mainly because the means to do this have not been available until now.


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Protein and Amino Acids Quality


Twenty percent of our body is composed of amino acids (AA). Amino acids are the ‘building blocks of life’ and play a key role in the storage and transport of nutrients in the body. They are essential for wound healing, tissue repair and recovery from strenuous anaerobic exercise. There are over 250 amino acids but only 20 (known as ‘standard AAs’ or ‘proteinogen’) are required to build proteins and some, like the essential amino acids shown above, have to be provided by the diet. The non-essential amino acids are still necessary – the term simply means that they can be synthesised by the body, but this takes time. Digestion time is the key to how effective protein intake can be.

For optimal efficiency of any training programme, participants must maintain a balance between intake and expenditure of protein. More specifically they must manage their amino acid pool, the amount and make-up of available AAs, to provide the raw materials to cells to build proteins and grow.  A process known as protein biosynthesis.

Over the training/recovery cycle a participant’s amino acid pool is most depleted immediately following the training session.  This is also the time, see 30 minute window, when the demands on the amino acid pool for effective recovery are greatest. Cellper®Elite contains an almost perfect balance of all essential and non-essential amino acids, together with key micronutrients, for the fastest possible protein synthesis.


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Informed Sport CellperElite

Cellper®Elite – the fastest way to get protein to your muscles – naturally

Most athletes and body builders recognise the 30-minute window post-exercise when their muscles are most receptive to nutrients for recovery and growth and act accordingly.

Cellper®Elite leapfrogs the digestive barrier because it provides protein that has already been broken down into its constituent amino acids and micronutrients. Digestion has already taken place and Cellper®Elite is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Cellper®Elite is for people who take fitness and training seriously. This includes clients of personal trainers, triathletes, competitive cyclists, body builders, rowers, rugby players and other athletes to whom effective recovery and the building and maintenance of muscle mass are key issues.


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About Us

Cellper®Elite is derived directly from advanced research
into nutrition for long-duration space travel.

This produced technology for the high-protein diets essential for
maximum functionality in a demanding environment.

There is an important link between salmon – recognised as one of the most important superfoods, and long duration space travel. Advanced nutritional research has produced the formulae and technology for the high protein diets essential to high levels of functionality in demanding conditions.

Our company, CellsUnited, was formed to take this R&D further, making it commercially available, initially to elite athletes to whom optimal recovery is essential.

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