Recovery must begin now

Intense training and recovery are inextricably linked. Your recovery plan must begin immediately training ends and the first hour is vital. The same is true after competition.

Cellper®Elite is a scientifically-derived amino acid complex designed  for the fastest possible assimilation. Conventional proteins are digested too slowly to be effective in the critical first hour.

Take after a hard session to experience optimised recovery for yourself.



Scientific Literature Review

Scientific Literature Review

– – the key to meeting the immediate biological demands of the muscle after intense anaerobic exercis.

Warning the Anabolic Window is Closing

The Anabolic Window


Without nutrient intervention, the anabolic window beings to close within 45 minutes following serious anaerobic exercise. But, it is not just about when you take your recovery nutrition – it’s about when it reaches the bloodstream.

Taken immediately, Cellper®Elite pre-digested protein brings a new level of immediacy into the recovery equation – your recovery begins at the right time.


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Cellper®Elite – the fastest way to get protein to your muscles – naturally

Most elite athletes, body builders and trainers recognise that there is only a short period when their muscles are most receptive to nutrients for recovery and growth. Your blood-flow is at its highest and an important recovery molecule called mTOR is at its most active.

Cellper®Elite leapfrogs the digestive barrier because it provides protein that has already been broken down into its constituent amino acids and micronutrients. Digestion has already taken place and Cellper®Elite is directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Cellper®Elite is a 100ml dose, the ideal size to be taken immediately. It is for serious athletes to whom effective recovery and the building and maintenance of muscle mass are key issues.

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- the Barrier to Recovery

The first hour immediately after strenuous anaerobic exercise is the most important time for protein to reach the muscles. There is a common misconception that simply taking protein within this period is sufficient, but this is not the case.

Your digestive system is the barrier. Digestion of commonly-used protein can take 60 minutes or more before protein even begins to reach the muscles. This is too late and muscle recovery and rebuilding becomes less efficient, hence soreness and stiffness.


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Managing Recovery
– the sooner you act the sooner you benefit

Hypertrophy is the process by which muscles repair themselves, then grow and become stronger. It is a direct consequence of anaerobic exercise and nutrition working together.

Whatever your diet and preparation, you can’t store protein for later. The amino acid ‘pool’ is not a reservoir. Protein gets depleted by intense exercise and must be replenished quickly.

The very first thing you must do is to kickstart the recovery process and Cellper®Elite pre-digested protein is purpose-designed to do this, making the first hour more important than ever.


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Protein Quality
and Liebig’s Law


In the exercise/recovery cycle your amino acid pool is most depleted immediately following training and competition. This is also the time when the demand for amino acids is greatest. Muscle recovery requires all 20 amino acids to be available and in the right relative quantities and Liebig’s Law applies. Cellper®Elite is an almost perfect balance of all 20 amino acids, ensuring the fastest possible protein synthesis.


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About Us

Cellper®Elite is derived directly from advanced research
into nutrition for long-duration space travel.

This produced technology for the high-protein diets essential for
maximum functionality in a demanding environment.

Our company, CellsUnited, was formed to take this R&D further, making it commercially available to elite athletes for whom optimal recovery is essential.

Salmon, a superfood in its own right, provides a highly bioavailable protein source when transformed by enzymatic hydrolisation into free amino acids and short chain polypeptides. This pre-digested protein enables hyperaminoacidemia while blood flow and oxygen levels are still elevated. Over 90 per cent of the peptides in Cellper®Elite are shorter than the smallest peptide in whey protein isolate – it’s a major advance in bioavailability and an entirely faster recovery opportunity.

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